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Damp treatment: damp problems and their solution

There are different types of damp problems and each of them requires a different kind of damp treatment. So in order to determine the proper treatment, it’s essential to find the right diagnosis. In this article you’ll find an outline of the most common damp problems, how to treat them, and how much it could cost.

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1. Rising damp indoors


rising damp What is it?

Rising damp is one of the most frequently occurring damp problems. It’s caused by ground water that’s penetrating the walls, often caused by the lack of, or a badly functioning damp proof course. The walls absorb the ground water as it were.

Damp patches initially originate at the bottom of the walls, but can in time spread further along the walls. Mould and a musty smells are some other consequences of rising damp, as well as erosion of the wall coating (paint, wallpaper, plaster work…).


Rising damp treatment

You can treat rising damp in different ways:

  • Injecting walls: holes are drilled in the damp walls in which a damp proofing gel is injected. This gel makes sure that the wall eventually dries out.
    Prices are from £ 90 per meter. Read more on injecting walls.


  • Horizontal wall cutting: this is a labour-intensive and invasive technique, in which the wall is lifted, as it were, to place a damp proof layer. This layer prevents contact between the ground water and the walls, so that they can eventually dry out.
    Prices are from £ 90 per meter. Read more on horizontal wall cutting.


  • Carebrick: innovative damp treatment, where ceramic tubes with holes in them are placed in the damp walls. Because of that your walls ventilate and the water evaporates.
    Prices are from £ 100 per meter. Read more on carebrick.


Are you suffering from rising damp and in dire need of an expert? Via our quoting service you can simply ask our damp specialists for tailor-made price offers, completely free and noncommital. That way you can easily compare prices and choose the best offer. Request custom-made prices.


2. Penetrating damp


damp external wall What is it?

As a result of wear it’s possible that some facade material becomes poreus.The wall coating is no longer able to repel water, but will absorb it instead. The outer walls will show damp patches and, after a while, so will the inner walls.

Penetrating damp is not only bad for the looks of your house, but is dangerous for the construction as well. With frosty weather, the water inside the walls will freeze, which in turn can lead to cracks.


Penetrating damp treatment

There are 3 ways to treat penetrating damp:

  • Impregnate your walls: impregnating walls can be done by applying a damp-proof coating to your outer walls. This technique can also be used as a precaution against penetrating damp. For the product to work properly, it’s important that the wall is clean. The wall can’t be damaged either. Impregnating walls can cost around £10 per m² (any possible cleaning or repair not included). Free, noncommittal price offers can be requested on our online quotation service.


  • Cover the outer wall with damp proofing paint: there are some types of paint that kan waterproof any surface. As with wall impregnation, it’s important that the wall is clean, in order for the paint to completely adhere. With this type of paint, you can easily expect prices from £ 15 to £ 30 per m². Request your tailor-made prices on our quotation service.


  • Replace the whole facade coating: if you want to give your facade a whole new look, you can always just place a new, waterproof coating. You can choose from many different materials and besides, it’s the perfect opportunity to install insulation to the outer wall. Prices go from £ 30 (insulation not included, prices depend on the materials used). Ask for tailor-made prices for your new wall coating. 


3. Condensation


condensation window What is it?

Condensation often originates in places like the bathroom or kitchen.

When the damp air is not properly diverted, due to bad ventilation, it settles on cold surfaces such as windows.

This can also happen with walls, often due to a defect in the insulation (a thermal bridge). This could in turn lead to damp patches on the wall and mold.


Condensation treatment

In order to treat condensation, the following tips could help:

  • Better ventilation: proper ventilation is very important with damp treatment. Especially when you cook or shower, for example, the created damp has to be able to escape to the outside. This can be solved by installing ventilation grids or a ventilation system. Via our quoting service you can ask for free price offers.


  • Insulation works: it’s possible that condensate forms in places where the insulation is interrupted. This can be prevented by placing better insulation.


4. Leaks

It’s also possible that damp problems arise due to a leak. Leaks can originate in pipes or the heating system. They’re not always as easy to find, but they can cause serious damage.

That’s why it’s so important to let a specialist perform a leak detection. Once the leak is localised, they can determine the method of treatment. Prices for leak detection can go from £ 270 to £ 360. More info on common leaks and how to perform a leak detection can be found in this article.

injecting wall cellar


Price of damp treatment by an expert

As you can see, there are different things that can cause damp problems. So in order to determine the proper treatment, it’s essential to find the right diagnosis first. The price of damp treatment depend on different aspects, such as the size and obstinacy of the problem or the chosen solution.

For a correct diagnosis to be guaranteed, you’d do well to ask different damp experts for price offers. That way you can compare the different methods and choose the best option for you. Would you like to compare prices from different damp experts, and this completely free and noncommittal? On our quotation page you can request tailor-made quotes for your damp problem.
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Damp treatment products for do-it-yourselfers

If you prefer taking on that damp problem yourself, there are always special products for do-it-yourselfers. You can also use simple working tools. More on do-it-yourself damp treatment can be found here.