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Waterproof basement: solutions and prices

Because your cellar is partly or completely underground, it’s a risky place for damp problems to arise. There are several solutions to prevent water from entering your cellar. Below you can find an outline of the most frequently used methods to waterproof your cellar with their prices.


How to waterproof your cellar?

If you want to plug your basement, there are a few solutions you can choose from. The following techniques can help you treat or prevent water in your basement:


Method 1: waterproof your cellar with a coating

A first possibility for waterproofing a cellar is to apply a waterproofing coating. The principle of concrete waterproofing coatings is quite simple: every wall and the floor are covered with a thick waterproof paste. To ensure a perfect density, the following step-by-step plan is used:

1) The walls are thoroughly checked for holes and cracks. Everything is made dust-free and sealed with waterproof mortar. To prevent this filling from shrinking, the holes are filled several times.

2) To plaster the walls a waterproof paste is used. In most cases a primer is applied first to ensure optimal adhesion. The walls are covered 2 or 3 times for the best result.

3) Once the walls are covered, you can start on the basement floor. In case you want a smooth finish, you can opt for polyurethane coating. This is available in different colours.


Prices can go from £ 3500 for an average basement,  but they can amount to £ 8.900 or more. For example, a coating on the outside is a bit more expensive than one on the inside.

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There’s also such a thing as supple waterproofing coatings. Here, a flexible film is applied to the walls and floor. After that a new wall is build against the foil and a new floor is cast with iron reinforcement. This is a quite drastic way of waterproofing, but the best way to go when your cellar is in a particularly bad condition.


waterproofing cellar

Method 2: drainage

Aside from coating your cellar, you can also opt for basement drainage. With this technique bubble membrane with small canals is placed on the basement floor and/ or walls. The water in the basement runs through these canals in a collection pit, from which it’s then pumped to the sewers.

With this solution your basement will still be wet, but at least it won’t suffer from still waters. Next, provide enough ventilation so that the walls can properly dry. Waterproofing your basement without any damp is not possible with this method.

Prices can go from £ 2500 for an average basement, but as with our first method, it may amount to £ 8.900 or more. This mainly depends on the type of drainage. Wall drainage, for example, is the most expensive way. Ask our damp specialists for tailor-made quotes.


Method 3: injecting damp cellar walls

Injecting walls is used when you’re battling rising damp. Waterproof product is put in the walls via holes that are drilled in the walls. The product then forms a barrier against rising damp and makes sure that the walls eventually dry out.

Prices can go from £ 90 per meter.
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injecting wall cellar

Tip: attend to a well-ventilated basement!

A damp cellar is often caused by ground water that’s seeping into its walls or floor. But this problem can also be attributed to a lack of, or badly functioning ventilation. That’s why you have to take care of the impermeability of the products used while sealing your cellar, as well as the ventilation.

You could, for example, install ventilation grids in your basement. Another solution could be to install some kind of ventilation system, possibly in combination with an air purifier to prevent condensation.

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Plugging a cellar: request quotes

Do you want to plug your basement? Then you have to take into account that your costs will depend on different factors. Think about the size of your cellar, the degree of complexity of the works and the chosen method for example.

Waterproofing your cellar is a job that asks for quite some technical expertise and is, therefore, not something for the average do-it-yourselfer. So when you want to waterproof your cellar, you had better contacted a professional damp proofer. Then you can really count on the right choice of method for plugging your cellar and the correct execution.

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